the davenport family

All northerners by birth, Paul & Liz from Hull, Amy from Liverpool and Gavin from South Yorkshire, their voices all reflect their origins, strong but not strident, holding distinct individuality whilst blending in the way that only family voices can.

All four have familial singer’s roots which inform their performances.

Paul & Liz have appeared regularly at all of the major festivals in the UK and, in 2011 were invited to give a recital at the prestigious Sydney Conservatoire in Australia. They currently have five albums and an impressive discography.

Gavin is well known on the UK folk scene as well as in Canada, with an impressive discography and performance pedigree. Gavin plays with ceilidh band, Hekety, and tours extensively as a solo artist and workshop leader. Amy also grew up in a singing home and has strong ties with the folk scene in Liverpool. She brings to the group her strong and distinctive voice together with her keen awareness of maritime singing traditions.