anthony john clarke

Not only has he written four of the most popular songs on the folk scene - 'The Only Life Gloria Knows', The Broken Years', 'Walking On Sunday' and the immortal 'Tuesday Night Is Always Karaoke', but he remains in essence the reason why folk clubs and festivals continue to thrive!

People say...

"Stafford two years ago - we were waiting to see Fairport Convention. Then this softly spoken, fast talking, amusing man came on; funny yes and after his first song we were smitten. In the end you and Chris Lesley stole the evening for us. Your songs made us sit up, listening to each and every word, thinking about the tale behind those words. Now, nine Cds later and we still love your voice, your songs and the varied instrumental accompaniment. Irish songs, storytelling songs with an edge, songs of love and social comment on everyday life, we love them all." (Chris and Jeya, Barnstaple, Devon)

"He storms it every time he gets on a stage. Brilliant!!! He had our audience eating out of his hand every night on the Fairport Convention Tour." (Dave Pegg, Fairport Convention)

"I have loved Anthony John Clarke's songs for over 30 years. I have watched him perform since he was an 18 year old student in Liverpool. One word... Outstanding!" (Niall Crozier, Belfast Telegraph)